Our Product Pledge 


Our goal is to provide a quality, consistent product you can depend on when you see the Stukel Mountain Organics label.    


Certified Organic

All of our farm products are certified Organic by USDA and Oregon Department of Agriculture.  You can be confident that our produce is free from chemicals and non-GMO, a healthy food for your family.



Our produce is packaged and processed so that every package is fresh, guaranteeing flavor and nutrition is not compromised.  

Stukel Mountain History

In 1870 Captain O.C. Knapp appointed Oiver Applegate, along with 45 Native Americans to build a new road to Linkville around the slope of Modoc Point.  Steven Stukel, known for his bugle calls, was the only white man that was to assist Knapp in this project.    Later in life, Stephen Stukel became a prominent rancher, acquiring many ranch properties to form the Stukel Ranch, known as the first ranch east of the Linkville.    This area is known as the Mills Addition in Klamath Falls today.  The Stukel Ranch Historical Marker  is located in the Mills Addition to this day.   

Who We Are

Providing consumers with quality, certified organic, fresh produce direct from our family farms.

We believe in a sustainable farming future. Having seen an increased demand for organic products, we are striving to be good stewards of the land, and incorporate organic practices where applicable on our farm. Our organically grown red, yellow and russets potatoes are a healthy & tasty side that will complement any meal.   Whether it be fresh or our frozen selections (diced, wedges or french fries), you can rest assured our product will provide a healthy balance, straight from our farm to your family’s table. 


From our farm to your family's table

What Our Customers Say

Greetings, I bought a bag of your yellow potatoes at the Phoenix/Talent Farmers Market on Old Hiway 99 a few days ago. I am an elder, I grew up in Nebraska, I eat seasonal and farm to table if possible, can every year etc. I have eaten thousands of potatoes in my life....but those yellow potatoes are amazing! Magnificent! Tasty! Yummy! Perfect!. All that for a few dollars. Fabulous. Thank you. I know it is a big commitment and loads of work and just wanted you to know you are appreciated.